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hiss of victory

I was on the losing end of that battle for alphacy when came a surprise shut out via the percussive sound from those tall boxes that I can’t climb inside they call speakers.

(My colleague can’t stand any drumming but the simians seem to love to play it in my abode. )

She turned tail and headed for safety in a low run and I followed her at her tail, swatting her hip with my claws, giving a sound chasing. With Ms Zhou retreated to the closet I can score the chair, scent mark it like mad and that will make it so much easier to become undisputedly mine again. Victory sometimes drops onto your head like hairmatting soft duck and sometimes it is sometimes handed to you on a tin plate as an unexpected coup.

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when the simians are away…

They are in the other room, we a moment of privacy and I grab Ms. Zhou back the scruff of her neck and oull her head back. She protests but since she protests everything always it draws no attention to us. A moment later I am giving her a shamelessly thoughough face and head licking when we hear a sudden shuffling of papers and shifting of body weight and a lurch in our direction. We hardly have time to look nonchalant while being found uncharacteristically sitting side by side when the hairless tom enters our room.

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I had a flurry of fun chasing a pen across the floor until I lodged it in under the stove.

That ended that fun but no matter.

Honestly it’s been a don’t fidget, just let me cuddle sort of day. My stomach is uncertain. The tuna did not agree with me before or after I ate it. And the ham I had anticipated didn’t pan out. The simians seem to have done easter away and only came home smelling like those other hairless talls, and to top all that off Tigey died as I mentioned. I think I’ll just lay low for the rest of today. I’ll feel better tomorrow.

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R.I.P. Tigey

Tigey Rest in Peace, sleep well in the land of hunter’s dreams. My sympathy and warmth to those who knew and loved the sweet kit.

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It may be a long wait but I’ve heard that today is H-day i.e. ham day. Any minute now they should be pulling one out the smell sealed cold area and roasting it. If pattern holds, the noisy smelly talkers will clomp in and scare the beemewpers out of my colleague and I can suck up the excess affection doled. I just have to wait.

Meanwhile while they’re out, (probably getting me some sort of extra treat, but really you *should* have, I’ll demure then lick it up) I’ll catch up with Psychokitty

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Another theory bits the tailfeathers. She didn’t go out afterwards. All that odor reduction and change and no leveraging it to seize something. Strange. Strange. What is the payback for the ordeal of wet?

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soaking it up

Hm, something new here. The hairless huntress has been soaking for hours in water. I can only assume that she is trying to soak off natural oils, replacing them with masking plant oils so that she can hunt in the forest with her natural simian scent giving her away. Interesting. Hope she catches a big mouse and saves me some.

Of course, she may be just going out to stalk undetected and observe. The kit shows some promise.

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