food is power

May I be smug for a moment, bask in the Mror blessed life I lead? Not only have I rebalanced power and become alpha cat again, winning my rightful place in the sunny chair, had the satisfaction of putting a dotted blood line on the right side of my colleagues jaw to match the left clip, but feeding regimen has shifted. Having noticed her growing tonnage, she has been put on low-calorie food while I, wasting away so that my pelvis is doing a good job scraping my hide away from the inside, my piteous mows for food being deferred on, has been switched over to Fancy Feast turkey and chicken cutlets. Each time we are fed in separate rooms, my colleague makes a racket locked away from my treats. Each time she’s released she licks in vain the plate I have utterly licked clean. She sniffs my breath to get some whiff of that positively re-mewable scent but its all mine. Puurrrrrrfect.


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