I draw a few snarks (i.e. deep head jerking, muzzle pumping breaths) because the window is open. Those birds I saw, hm, wonder if they’ll fly through screen. Sunbeams seem so much more intensive through screen. So does that dog cry. So many directions of smell. Go on without me. I’ll be here a while.



  1. Cori said

    Thank you for visiting and going over to welcome my buddy to the world of blogging.You sly cat you…

  2. J&J'sMom said

    Hello! Thanks for visiting me and thanks for the info! I don’t blame the mom per se, who knows maybe she had a bad pit bull experience. Unfortunately, they and many other larger breeds get a bad wrap because of what “people” do to them. They (pits) do have an agressive temperment which is why you need to know your breed and know your dog. Mine’s a big chicken ;0) I guess I just need to remember that not all people see it that way. Enjoyed your site and your kitties! Thanks again1

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