FW: story

It’s been a long day. there’s been the requisite eating and grooming but with the simians away and the blinds all pulled and my collegue asleep, it limits one’s abilities of perceive. I just got back from the 5th dimension but it was same-same, you know. Not much to report so this story on Cat box cleaners – when kitty litter attacks might be more up your alley of interest.



  1. Shorthair: Put a bowling ball in your litter box. Sit on it. Wait for the Missus to come home, and say, I got over my constipation. The Missus will go postal. (Or FedEx)

  2. Kathy said

    Hey Shorthair, I’m visiting from Michele’s. Usually I don’t comment but just sit on the floor over where the hot water pipes run but I was moved to comment this morning. Kitty litter’s no problem, but do you have a 3 year old that insists on carrying you everywhere? Sigh. She’s fun when she’s sleeping…

  3. Valderbar said

    I can’t say I’ve had a three year old kid on my back, patting hard now and then but not making me a horse. But I’ve been through quite a few litters of little ones and them all tugging at my nipples, discovering me as a toy and batting my tail ceaselessly is probably comparable.

  4. Valderbar said

    No worries, Horsetail — thanksfully the kitty-scoop mechanism hasn’t happened to me personally.

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