A more blissful normal

Well all that afternoon caterwauling seems to have gone to good effect. 3 hours of grunting, panting and yipping and they seem to have finally lulled and been in a blissed out purr all the day since. Good. Makes it easier for me to sleep with all that sexual tension released. I was going to stay around for the whole show but all the bed bouncing gets on a cat’s nerves.

Which reminds me, nice play nice; it gives nice outcomes. Otherwise my claws will come out.

(P.S. Kindly note my name is Valderbar not shorthair. We aren’t on such friendly terms as to get slang pet names.)

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  1. kenju said

    Valderbar, I think you were jealous that you didn’t have a friend to bed bounce with too!

    Here via Michele.

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