this night inspires

I could take the entire night sky into my eyes
without blinking I could rise lithe as wind
leap the ladder of chairs and windows
stare down the bb-eyed raven
who would get my back
up —
her swift
talon’s talents
at a loss, only combing my hair
tufts of loose winter
of touchless day
coming away



  1. That was beautiful! (I AM a cat-type!) Enjoyable blog. Come by and visit sometime….Oh, Michele sent me, and I’m glad she did!

  2. Erin said

    hee hee, i thought since we posted at the same time, i’d come vist you too!! i always get skipped over when i do that, and i do it all the time!!!!

    hope you are enjoying the weekend!

  3. Lucy Jane said

    Hi, Michele sent me.

    I have a lovely brown patched torbie of my own.. and I have to say, she rules my world… along with her 17lb big brother, who’s just an odd black/white/tan tabby.

    Love your site

  4. Hi Michele sent me and I hate cats but I love your writing!

  5. Shane said

    This is a nice post. Reminds me of the great wine-talk metaphor in the film Sideways which I just saw.


  6. Kevin said

    Thank you for coming by and I am honored to meet the only kitty I’ve evr known to offer both poetry and criticism. Truly,come by often.

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