Now that is good design. Wonder if pyschocat can make enough from book sales to get one of those?


  1. That Bluegrass Mama person won’t let me have my own Internet ID, so I have sneaked on hers while she is doing that odd waterfall treatment she voluntarily partakes of every morning.

    My house has one of those doors, but it’s the basement door, so I don’t use it. Perhaps if they moved it to the fridge I might be tempted.

    Millie (here via Michele’s meet & greet, where I didn’t expose my true identity)

  2. Alessandra said

    Oh my! I’m sure Arnold, Chuck and now Jack, our new baby would love one of this.

  3. Clare said

    I am the ghost of Bagpuss. I don’t have an internet identity (don’t normally need one – just flit about in the ether) so I’m borrowing my ex-humans.

    How nice to find a fellow IT-literate feline!

    Greetings. I like it here. I’ll be back.

    Oh, and I know my old human appreciated it when you dropped by her site earlier. Perhaps you could say hi to her from me. I don’t think she knows I’m here. Not that she’d care. She has one of those noisy ill-disciplined mini-humans now. She hardly even thinks of me.


  4. Clare said

    P.S. My human had one of those in the kitchen door. She kept trying to push me through it. Stupid woman, didn’t she realise cats will never be forced?

    I liked the one in the cellar door better. I could go down into the darkness and chase mice in peace. Ah, those were the days.

    A fridge door would have been best of all, though. Unlimited access to cucumber! Heaven. I love cucumber. Well, I like the yummy seedy bit in the middle. You can keep the rest.


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