well, well

I guess I’m well. I’ve been dozier than wilting chrysanthamums. I think I may have slept through an entire day.

Postscript. I guess it’s been more than a day.
Well, about time to get up. Shadows to hunt, birds to see.



  1. Sol said

    Darn… can I suggest not hunting birds? Stick to mice and squirrels? I know, I can’t convince our cat to stop that so I quit doing anything to invite the birds over. I miss them too. But, I guess the cats don’t leave such .. bright messes on your dark colored car though, huh?

    Almost forgot.. Michele sent me.

  2. Sorry this is not valid to this particular blog post. I couldn’t find a place to leave a general comment so I left it here.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. I tried to answer your questions in a reply and hope it makes some more sense with the previous example I posted.

    Thanks again and good luck with to you with all your blogging!


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