sight for sore neck

As I was doing my regular patrol of the perimeter, nothing struck me at first.

I was, honestly, bleary-eyed with sleep. Then,
a pidgeon

Then something struck me. It’s partner flew off the edge but this one remained. If it had been an eagle, I would have been sitting in its nest as lunch right now. I tell you I have such a crick in my neck. I didn’t take so much as a blink away from this for many minutes. When it finally dropped off the railing, I gave chase all the way to the glass.


  1. meeta said

    hey Valderbar,
    Michele sent me! So no pigeons for you today huh?

  2. Hi Valderbrar,

    Thanks for stopping by my den. I’m sorry you vomit – it is nasty, I know. I was told a long time ago that tuna meat isn’t good for your kind as it causes painful crystals to form in your urine, but tuna juice is just fine. My girls love it, and Sarah doesn’t puke it up. But – how to convey this to your simian female? I just don’t know…

  3. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

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