It’s been a quiet night. It should be an hour until the first stirring. I’m a little lonely. Maybe I should go hurry the process up and see if staring intently at his face.

No response. What if I just lean in nose to nearly nose and almost tickle his whiskers with my whiskers minding the flying front limb. Missed me. What if I just walk back and forth across his ankles. That should do the trick of easing him into the day, into my day specifically. You know I wouldn’t do it if I wasn’t so fond…



  1. Bullet said

    hiya! came by via Michelle. I’ll be back to poke around some more 🙂

  2. Michele said

    Oh…you do the same thing as Beckett…it must be a cat thing. Of course it is a cat thing…I know who I am visiting.

    And meow to you too!

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