ear fetish

The simians seem to be developing if not an ear fetish then an extraordinary curisity and attachment.

How is this news? I’m not speaking in my capacity as xenobiological observer – I don’t mean to each other’s ears. Sucking and grooming of each other’s ears seems to be a core bonding ritual that takes the place of the more discreet butt sniff among cats. (and our way gains us far more information far quicker I might add).

Their interest seems focused on my ears. I know that my ears are particularly appealing with their flecks of color, their grey freckles inside but really, they are quite sensitive.

I don’t see any reason for this daily creme. Do they look like they are wrinkling? It’s confounding my logic.


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  1. Hi there…fun blog, I’m here via Michele’s ABC blogroll game!

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