coup de cat

My colleague has discovered she has a tail. True, I can see why, if you will pardon my cattiness for a moment, why this eluded her. She is, shall we say, plump in a Garfield sort of way. Her hair is coarse. He tail is kinked and more narrow than befits a cat. More like a mouse tail really. it’s no wonder she disowns it.

What did she do now you wonder? She was vexed. ( I wonder if it had anything to do with my hiding on the table and pouncing her as she entered the room, again?) Her tail was twitching. She then saw it in her peripheral vision and gave chase. Which, you’ll admit isn’t uncommon. She cauight it. Normal. That she bit it. That she yowled in pain and surprise as a consequence. That a few minutes later she did it again. An interval passes and again a yowl.

The simians threw a pillow at her. I threw a prayer;
Please, give me another assignment Cattess Mror? That or patience of oaks?

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  1. Kevin said

    I don’t usually talk to cats, but what the heck:

    “Michele sent me.”

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