no no

Let go!!!!

Listen to the body language simian! I’m not wrestling to get out of your arms for no reason. Simians, you haven’t a clue what your getting yourself into! Or more importantly, what you’re getting *me* into with your blithe glide through this space as if you own it. And you wonder why I worry about you crossing the street without a charperone?

I pass over there by that wall each time to get to the food for a reason. It is mutually agreed on common no strike zone. Do you know how long it took to achieve the border peace we have here!? Do you have any idea how long it too to establish our schedule of time sharing this domain and territorial zones?!

And here you go carrying me at this time of day over there. If I struggle enough to prove my non-compliance with your heavy-handed measures I may not need to be put in my place later.


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