what a rude awakening

I was in a lovely deep three turn sleep when awoken by being picked up(!) and carried to a room with the doors closed where my colleague already was boxed in. They had picked her up out of sleep too and put us both in that caged contraption to go in the riding vaccum cleaner thing.

I must admit that the change of scent was refreshing but the methods was uncalled for. Surely if we put our brains together we can come up with some sort of civilized signalling system.

Then that lady again. She wanted to do what to my renal anal glands? (astute reader correction. I must saw I was more atwitter than a cat has a right to be).

While I’m glad you noticed my scooting resident human, again, methods are a little blunt in the draining process.

After my colleague and I finish marking this house and get each other groomed smooth, we’re going to need twice as much naps today.


  1. Ed said

    Renal glands? You mean anal glands?

  2. janie q said

    nothing is better than a couple of naps.

  3. Wow! Can’t say we’ve ever had that done! We much prefer to scoot our bottoms along the carpet. Efficient and no need for weird vacuum rides.

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