Two days in a row there are people who aren’t even here to clip my nails nor be allergic enough to make cuddling up with them interesting. This time the person came and fiddled with a wall plate while my simians were away. They didn’t seem to do any harm but I wonder if I should mention they came. One of them smelled of tobacco. The other had to him a faint whiff of cheese contaminated with vegetable matter. Both smelled vaguely unwashed in the way that simians can towards the end of the day. I prefer that to a degree. The layered effect gives a snapshot of mood-curve and residual contact from otehr people that I find not only informative but heady.


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  1. Marie said

    Hello, Valerbar, Michele sent me. I love cats, by the way. I am about to browse through more of your posts, so don’t mind me lingering for a bit. 🙂

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