Don’t you recognize me?

“We explored the ability of humans to identify individual cats by smell. Twenty-five cat owners were required to indicate which of two odours (one belonging to their own cat and one belonging to an unfamiliar cat) smelt the strongest, most pleasant, and which belonged to their own cat. Only thirteen (52%) of the participants were able to recognise the odour of their own cat.”

The discrimination of cat odours by humans., by Courtney N, Wells DL. in Canine Behaviour Centre, School of Psychology, Queen’s University Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.

For large noses, they don’t do much. I’m sure my simians subjects would do better, wouldn’t they?



  1. K Jones said

    Depends on the cologne you are wearing.
    See you at Michele’s.

  2. terrilynn said

    I have to wonder if they would. Some simian noses are notoriously unreliable.

    Michele sent me this morning.

  3. Indigo said

    Michele sent me. Interesting, I haven’t noticed that my cat smells different from other cats ….

  4. janie q said

    aren’t newborn babies able to identify their mothers by scent? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. i don’t have a cat to smell, my kids all have allergies.

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