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pic peek

Cat pictures are adorable aren’t they? They’re not even me.

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massages and messages

I was just remembering the tension I could relieve as my sideline massage therapist role. I would climb over the back of one of them as they nested in their bed, treadling and sending purr waves from my bones through their soft tissues, resonating the relaxation deep to ease them out of or into the day.

sigh. they will be back soon won’t they. I hope my neighbour doesn’t notice my piggypacking his signal. With a name like teddy1 how could he not be forgiving of my use?

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news and introduce

Meet Nicky Ragdoll – sounds like a mob name doesn’t it? but he’s a sweet guy, softspoken sort of fellow like myself with the heft of body like my colleague.

Now if you’ll excuse me – seagull, 1 year old, heading south-south-west. Must investigate.

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I remember waking to such a quiet house, looking at my foot I see the sunrise complimented the orange in my hair this morning. One blessing of Mror – my beauty.

I checked out the sneakers of hairless replacement jane and up to her face. She is a nervous mousy thing. I’ll respond in like the next visit and find a new pace to hide.

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If they were home now, it would be time for us all to pile together on the bed to bring in the end of the weekn when they go away. My colleague on the hairless tom’s feet, me on his chest and her wrapped around his chest.

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run and jump of the house

I am still able to keep up my catisthentic routines plus a little of my species equivalent of your kickboxing. I landed a good one over the pink of the nose of my colleague on my last run through. We’re still buddies though. She knows that wasn’t for territory – just for fun.

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changes a foot

I have a new sleeping spot and a new feeding spot. I have a place out of the way where I can blend in with stuffed animals on top of a dresser to sleep undisturbed.

The interim study subject that the simians have left for me to observe has moved our food altars to the kitchen which I must say is an improvement.

Before if the humans eat, I want to eat but to do it in their toilet room had put me off a little. Here I can eat my food while keeping a critical distance to the cheese station should one appear. They should be back within a couple days. They always come back within 5 days.

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