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bill of rights

I just discvered this and Merlin who posted it: The Cat’s Bill of Rights. ISn’t that a good idea. Now how do we set ubout having it enforced? The hairless talls seem to be good at making such resolutions but abiding by them is another matter entirely.

In other link news, exploring around Beau’s place I discovered a huge number of other cats which are now in my sidebar.

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You do understand how special you are, don’t you? even though my food altar is full, my water nearly overflowing and my toilet cleaned out by your tom…even though the sun is strong and sinking its anaethetic claws into my haunches and making my fur burnished like the sun itself, because you are awake I leave all this and greet you in the shadows of your bedroom. Nice to see you awake. Thank you for the strokes.

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I scrunch

I hear my colleague scratching in the litter box. I narrow in on her coordinates. Around the corner I scrunch down wiggling pressing myself down to pre-spring crouch, eyes fixed on the point where she will step out of the box then closet then, whammo, with a flying leap I pounce her and bounce her onto her side. I stand with my front legs on her heaving ribcage for an instant before she’s up and running. I’m in hot pursuit, and outpace her, pounce her soundly again adn we are a ball of rawrling and she’s unpinned herself and in a flat out run but hun, you know I’m faster…

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ruining a moment

I was sitting, curled up into purring animate when from across the room the she-simian came with a glass. Something for me? How thoughtful. I hadn’t even requested. I appreciate this proactive approach, anticipating my needs. She placed it into the hand of the hairless tom who lowered it for my inspection.

Citrus-spice?!! are you both mad? Talk about overpowering the nasal passages!

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Mythical Night

The sky is clearing and the view of Catess Mror’s consort, the moon, has come into view. I stand dry-bathed in its one eyed gaze and recall the story of how the consort when snapping back the head of Catess Mror in the arch of lust-heat was grabbed by the bird of prey, its talon catching the consort’s left eye. I remember how in these ancient times, they took across the plains darting though the shadows of savananah trees’ twisted shadows mixing their shadows and tails and forms, using the trees in the wind to confuse their outlines. Once stopped alertness still jerked every fibre until they added the light agility of bird to their birthright dexterity, they resumed their union and brought forth the pantheon litter to be never lost to history or our reverence.

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out of sleep

The mind makes connections sometimes. I was just mid-nap when I perceived smoke and in rapid succession thereafter the clothes-licker machine sound. Are their fur-replacements on fire? Alarmed I half-opened one eye. It registered that no, the hairless jane was attempting to cook her yeast product again. No need for concern. As you were.

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blue moon

Glad to see that janeyq is still about.

In the deepening depth of night
I see the full square blue moon
and fingers back and forth clicking
like cricket legs, the fingers
in front of the screen

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