easy does the years

The days do go by, don’t they? It seems only a season ago that I got this assignment but it’s been 3 years. Good years, but fast years. A lot has happened from tooth extraction to a little bit of escape to ourdoor bird action. I can’t say I understand them implicitly yet, nor my collegue who is unnaturally attached to me, I have a measure of peace in being able to predict what will occur, even if not when or why.

And then, things shift. My colleague who never craves attention came into my territory during offhours and wanted a scratch and petting. Whatever was she thinking? Her telelinks were buffered and I couldn’t read her. She walked as through I weren’t even there, as if she were completely unaaware of the hour. Is the simian odd schedule that is throwing her off? No, it’s more I think. Something must be vexing her spiriit tonight so, being the heartful cat I am, I let the indiscretion pass.


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