My waterbowl was perilously close to dry last night but as I circled it, they didn’t get the hint. When I called out “empty” in the night a uncoordinated arm tossed a pillow in my direction. I tried to lure them out to look as soon as I heard them stirring but they waved me away as it was an extended simian grooming session (again?!)

How could I get the idea of water across?

I know I’ll stand in the bathtub. There might even be a pool of water left over.

Ok, there isn’t. They do come here next after their licking sessions though. it’s invariable.

I just have to wait. So thirsty.

They do look in here before they turn on the water don’t they?



  1. They can be so rude when all they do is focus on themselves. That extended grooming is kinda scary!! Hope you got the water idea across and aren’t thirsty anymore.

  2. Beau said

    Sorry you got so thirsty! Humans aren’t always so smart sometimes!
    I suggest 2 things: BITE them next time, and suggest an automatic waterer like I have!

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