almost too much water

As I jumped to the bathtub to signal my thirst I almost lost my footing and was scrambling to get it back when I noticed the tub had been left full.

Hopping off, I was relieved at that near dunk. I could have foreseen that even though it had not occurred before. I noticed over the last few days a sudden spike in the hairless jane’s penchant for showers and bathing. Even 4 or 5 times a day. This is approaching my level. I wondered if she might be learning a thing or two about cleanliness from me.

At a distance, our hairless jane looks same-same but coming closer starting a few days ago, I noticed a distinct purply-red cast to some of her skin. While she slept I was sniffling around with outpuffs and determined there is injury there that the body is trying to heal.

Could the two things be related?



  1. Beau said

    I’m sorry you almost fell in a tub full of water, and that hairless Jane got hurt. Is that why she is taking so many baths? I hope you are both okay!!

  2. Ah do you drink from the bathroom faucet as well. Mutchka does that as well šŸ™‚

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