tail-biting tale

The tail chasing has abated somewhat. My colleague is learning that if she does it, there will be consequences. And nobody wants to see that including hairless tom and jane. I restricted my colleagues movements. Ms Zhou was allowed to come out from under the couch but only on direct route to food and even toiletry necessities would be subject to pounce should she attempt to go from there to her closet. Under the couch only. And with silence. She seems to get the picture. When she feels an urge to tail-bite she goes under there. I permit one turn then I come in after her hissing. This behavior is driving us all mad and it stops now.


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  1. Beau said

    Good for you for helping put a stop to it! Somebody needs to and it is time! Sounds like you’re doing a good job and have things under control!

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