quote unquote, we’re clever

An excerpt from Becoming a Tiger: How Baby Animals Learn to Live in the Wild, by Susan McCarthy.

Karen Pryor describes an incident in which her daughter spent an hour teaching her small poodle to jump into a child’s rocking chair and then make it rock. She rewarded its efforts with bits of chopped ham. At the end of the lesson the poodle jumped down and a cat who had been watching jumped into the chair, unbidden, set it rocking, and looked up for her ham.



  1. Beau said

    Thus proving once again cats are smarter than dogs!

  2. mean_girl said

    ah yes… the feline choice to act when it suits the feline, not the requestor!

    this is why I have two of you intelligent beauties as room-mates!

    Hello Kitty, Michele sent me!


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