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cultural misunderstandings?

I read that in some human cultures, it is a sign of approval to not eat all the food you’re given as a compliment to the giver of food. How shocking is that?

Could this be where our messages are mixing. It is not that I am full. It is not that I think it’s great. It’s that I won’t eat my last food until I see the refill with my own eyes. It’s only safe not to eat your last bit.

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listening skills

I’m not moving? Of course I’m not moving. Yes I saw you opened a can.

You do know, you can hear the difference between those two tins of cat food can’t you? That tin has the gravy and jelly and fat chicken stuff and this one you just opened has the rice and chicken.

So with those wee ears, can you hear the difference when the jane opens the left cupboard or the right one?

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new exercise program?

What’s this? New litter? Why is it such thick heavy clay? At least its without perfume. I could really build my shoulder muscles kicking this stuff around. Maybe I’ll just not bury instead.

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How long was I gone for? (My ISP went down.)
Biggest news is that there was a seagull that landed on me. Ok, not on me. Sat on the balcony, well, lighted on the balcony rail for instant but I was thisss close. I could nearly feel the tail feathers between my teeth. I’m ready to run circles thru the room. In fact off I go

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politics is threateningly ugly

Some of these tailless talls are odd.
It must be remembered that msot are nice. Still, worrysome that they need a humane society. Beyond that…

Do they really need a rule and policy like this?

“The Ottawa Humane Society joins the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) in the
belief that the acquisition of an animal should be a deliberate and conscious decision where the
primary consideration is the well-being of the animal. The OHS is therefore opposed to the
awarding of any live animal as a prize or unsolicited gift. ” Human Society Position Document

Whyever beyond buying and selling us would they give as gifts as well?

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Cooking are we tom? Seems like pizza yet without any cheese. Who’s idea was this? No cats were involved in the making of this recipe clearly.

Maybe I can pretend I am not supposed to have my kibble and that way, by sneaking up on it and stealing some, I can pretend it’s not mine, therefore it will be tastier.

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visiting about

Is it Saturday already? I can’t forget to get over to Michele’s meet and greet…Maybe right after this next nap. The tail on the nose felt so good. Think I’ll make like a curled skunk for another hour or so…

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