what did you do?

“What did you do?” those were the words that ran through my mind as I saw Ms Zhou do a low guilty run diving to her hidng spot. But the closet door was closed. Thwarted she ran for the book room but i too was shut off. As a last resort she headed for under the couch. Whatever she had done she was sure she would get in trouble for. Going back to the source of where she ran from, I soon discovered her faux-pas. Her paws in attempting to cover her mess had got mixed and she had tossed the wrong part, and right out of the box,



  1. kenju said

    Valdebar, you mean you don’t do that on purpose? Whenever we are mad at our Mommy we always toss the trash out onto the floor along with a generous helping of kitty litter. Shows her who’s boss, alright!

    Storm and Eclipse (via mommy)

  2. Beau said

    Sounds like the other is always getting into trouble! YOU never would, would you?! hehe

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