this and that

What to say, waht to do. I’m plum out of mischief ideas. I don’t want to talk excreement. Nothing new and special on the food front. No bird behavior out of the ordinary. No further disappearances of plants nor reappearance of fly or colleague. No formal word back from central offfice on her reassignment yet. The cat across the hall has come scratching at my door but stil haven’t mastered the lock mechanism.

Getting dark earlier. By 7 pm, it feel like midnight. Northern cliamtes do that. Bright for night though. It’s nearly full moon. The time of month is approaching optimal for interdimensional leap. (Full moons increase speed of jump).

Have you read Are you as Happy as Your Dog?? Great principles for living. Have only read the Amazing Amazon preview myself.


  1. Beau said

    I understand your dilemma. I have been there myself many times. Have also recently noticed the shortening of days. No, I have not yet read that book but it does sound an enjoyable and enlightening read.

  2. Oreo said

    Don’t worry. You are a CAT. You WILL find mischief to get into, I promise!

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