politics is threateningly ugly

Some of these tailless talls are odd.
It must be remembered that msot are nice. Still, worrysome that they need a humane society. Beyond that…

Do they really need a rule and policy like this?

“The Ottawa Humane Society joins the Canadian Federation of Humane Societies (CFHS) in the
belief that the acquisition of an animal should be a deliberate and conscious decision where the
primary consideration is the well-being of the animal. The OHS is therefore opposed to the
awarding of any live animal as a prize or unsolicited gift. ” Human Society Position Document

Whyever beyond buying and selling us would they give as gifts as well?


  1. Oreo said

    Well, duh!!! They DO have some stupid laws….

  2. Beau said

    I agree with Oreo, and someone who would need that law in the first place ought to be shot!

  3. Fiona Bun said


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