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this and that

What to say, waht to do. I’m plum out of mischief ideas. I don’t want to talk excreement. Nothing new and special on the food front. No bird behavior out of the ordinary. No further disappearances of plants nor reappearance of fly or colleague. No formal word back from central offfice on her reassignment yet. The cat across the hall has come scratching at my door but stil haven’t mastered the lock mechanism.

Getting dark earlier. By 7 pm, it feel like midnight. Northern cliamtes do that. Bright for night though. It’s nearly full moon. The time of month is approaching optimal for interdimensional leap. (Full moons increase speed of jump).

Have you read Are you as Happy as Your Dog?? Great principles for living. Have only read the Amazing Amazon preview myself.

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What are you doing? Can’t you feel me stretched along your length in the dim silence of evening? My front leg over your back leg, we’re bonding here. Where are you —

oh, can opener. Oh you precociously marvelous creature. Yes, tom, food would be perfect.

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seasons shift

The sun slants in on my favorite part of the floor. I creak my bones from the floor and soak in some rays. Ahh. These fading short days of summer. Already the leaves are changing tone. Before long my outdoor plants will be wearing snow caps and most of my birds will have flown. Before long the geese will be veeing.

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I stalk up to the prey lying stunned in the steel bowl. I approach in a low stealthy circle and with head lowered give a slow sniff to check that it is safe to begin to eat.

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strange disappearances continue

The replacement jane that came here to feed me in July has not made one 2 pm appointment since. I wonder where she went.

The fly is gone too. The people bagged the fly I was playing with and released it outdoors.

The houseplant has vanished.

My colleague has not returned either.

Is this some parallel dimension only subtly changed from my familiar timeline? The last time I used the itnerdimensional portal, did I leap back wrong somehow? I’ll have to re-check my last course trajectory and coordinates with the central assignment office when I file my next interspecies observational report.

This missing colleague isn’t really worrisome. Sometimes transfers happen suddenly. Mror knows she was a slacker. She’s more of a napper than scientist really.

I wonder if she hasn’t been taken to that Pet Bed and Breakfast we both went to before. When I was there last, some cats had stayed a month they told me. Like Ginger. What a doll she was and fantail. What a charmer. All those lovely climbing places, carpeted overlook nooks, birds adn fish to watch, so many kinds of food.

If that were true, and she were there, then why her, not me? We’ll have to just wait and see if she turns up again I guess.

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getting hairy

It’s Friday. Tomorrow the jane and tom will most likely be home at 2 pm when I most like a nap lap. As opposed to now when they should be home but are (tail swich) late. They will probably stumble in at all hours of night prowl, smelling of fatty foods and crowds of people, dampened to near stew of perfumes by the rain soaking their clothes. And what about me I ask you?

Well, at least, if pattern holds, tomorrow morning I should be able to take more readings on their puny scarce sexual antennae that seem to work well enough for them I suppose. Perhaps if they were as hairy as I am they would be utterly overwhelmed by each other constantly. Every waft through the room would send them back into each other’s arms.

We couldn’t have that. I would never get fed. (alarmed wide eyes)

Tut, tut. They are nearly hairless tho. Coevolution has shaped them so just to ensure that dear cats do get fed. Wise that evolution.

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olifactory satisfactory results

I think one of the nicest things about living with humans is how small the percent of scent marking they leave. basically it is their bed, the related cloths and their removable fur covers and even those they put in the clothes-licker machine. It is as if I lived with this whole place to myself and yet when I feel smell deprived or miss them during the day I can go into their bed or climb into their used clothes box and snuffle them up.

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