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you were right

It seems that the loss of the vet-box was not as it seemed. Another one, new shape appeared (much smaller, with windows to see my fate unfolding thru) and I was catnapped.

The good doctor not only squeezed me all over, but took the sharp points off my nails, took my blood (not all of it you understand) and what’s more shaved a hole in my coat. Well, yes it was itchy but how will that help?

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Clarification on the last entry: I meant to express that I have an odd effect on the voice of my humans so that their tone is oddly babbly even for them.

The tom and jane have left food out again but it doesn’t seem to be edible. Even they aren’t eating it. It looks like this

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Cat’s got her tongue and now she talks in oogles of googles of oogle-wwwoo-woo, hr-mhr?

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sun, sun sun

That virbrating fur-purr pool mid-floor in the SUN, that would be me.

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you’re getting sleepy

You should relax tom. I mayu be able to catnap through life but you need that nightly hibernation. Slide that computer aside and give me more of your lap. You know you want to.

Yes, yes, terribly important work you’re doing. Let me in there with a bit of fur-purr power…I’m a biological sleeping pill. C’mere…here person, person-person…

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for me? of course it is.

Maybe I shouldn’t be hasty. I could reconsider a can. Since it’s been left alone, all by itself, no one in the room at the moment.

The best way to get away with something when caught is to get away, nonchalantly of course.

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nope. and that’s probably my final answer.

Are you kidding? That can was opened yesterday not today.

No, I remember that food from once when I didn’t feel well.

Nope, nice try but that one’s bad luck. I gagged a major hairball after it last time.

Wrong temperature. Too cold. See how the fat beads?

Warm it up. Good idea.

No, too hot. It smells cooked.

What else have you got? Hm. Kibble. Not really in the mood.

Chasing kibble? No thanks I’d rather sit to eat this meal.

Tuna? That’s so yesterday. Maybe even the day before that.

Think I’ll go run a few laps of the place instead.

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