return of the lost

My colleague got back. I had thought the worst when a large black fly entered the room 2 days ago and died by morning.

But it wasn’t a harbinger, just a fly-of-small-brain for me to eat.

Anyway, colleague’s back, all 80 decibels of her. She has been been more subdued after her visit to the Pet Bed and Breakfast. She spent today marking all the head high surfaces that I had already claimed. Oh there’s going to be trouble, I just know it.

No sign of tom adnd jane yet. Wonder if they went out for KFC. If so, I hope they let me klick their clothes or at least get a good sniff.


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  1. Beau said

    I started to eat a fly the other day but mom made me spit it back out. I *LOVE* KFC! Chicken is my favorite. I always try to ask for at least a small morsel.

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