cat aesthetics

What? Burton’s book on cat art a farce? Does this mean his groundbreaking work on Dances with Cats was also meant tongue in cheek? And Why Paint Cats: the Ethics of Feline Aesthetics is that implicated as well? Did no one actually paint cats and the images are photoshopped?

He has so much truth captured in these exceptional cat artists. Surely the truth of that shines through?

Beau and all, have your people had you undergo formal intelligence testing, like Test Your Cat’s Creative Intelligence: Eighteen Easy-To-Use Test Cards to Verify Your Cat’s Artistic Ability



  1. Oreo said

    HEHEEHE, too funny!! Mom says I’m too smart for her own good as it is. She doesn’t want to find out I’m even smater than she thinks!

  2. Beau said

    No, not yet. But mom is in to that kind of stuff, and thanks to you (hehe) she ordered the book. (Good grief!) Will let you know what happens. (By the way, mom says the same thing Oreo’s mom does. She just want to confirm it! hehe)

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