night sports

I played a fun game last night. I sat looking my most innocent on the edge of their bed. (They were asleep so the innocent look was pure pratice.)

When tom rolled over I sat on the exposed edge of his pillow. I sat on it and gradually, using something like a boa constrictor win by inches method, gained the entire pillow. I then sprawled over it, purring at my accomplishment as he then joined the game and took a corner of jane’s pillow and gradually took that over. Jane was left with none but then I started on her side gradually rolling them both over the other way by pillow-gaining.



  1. I’m going to have to try that with Sophia and Fiona – I bet we could eventually knock her off of the bed.

  2. Ya want the tuna or not?

  3. Beau said

    Oh how funny! I only have a mom, but I can’t wait to try that on her. I can start on one side then eventually work her back the other way (and do that all night long)! hehe!

  4. Carmi said

    Oooh, that sounds like a really fun game. You’re a good gato.

    I’m here from Michele’s today.

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