I was having the loveliest dream. I was sitting still eyes and ears on a sparrow. I crept up from the other side of the bush until I was right under it. I swatted and leapt to grab it and missed. It was flushed and flew low along the ground. In a burst of speed I gave chase…

then a sudden lightning storm came out of nowhere.

I woke and looked up and the jane was holding a box over me.

On later investigation, I discovered these incriminating images that show that weather of my dream was provoked by a certain someone disturbing my sleep with a camera.

One can hardly blame her. I do look adorable right down to my manicured toes.



  1. Begered said

    Love the pictures! I looked into Flickr.com, I must have been tired because it seemed confusing to me. I wil go back and check it out since I am thinking straight today šŸ™‚ THANKS!

  2. Love this blog…Oh dear sister/brother, have you read “The Silent Meow” by Paul Gallico. Of course we already know all about this, but I was happy to see that a human actually got our language.
    (OldLady Of The Hills ‘serves’ me.

  3. Stumpy said

    My mama likes her little box too. She just got a bigger little box, so I’m sure more crazy photos of myself will follow.

  4. Fiona Bun said

    Way cute toes!

  5. Beau said

    You do look so cute right down to your toes! Your dream sounds wonderful until the flash box thing.

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