mice song

The sound repeats identically. It must be recorded. I’ve searched the computer remotely and it seems the sounds are male mice songs lowered in pitch



  1. Beau said

    still weird

  2. Anonymous said

    Played this for the cats. No response from Large Marge, disdainful ear twitch from The Tiglet, who knows I am capable of trickery with the computer. BUT…from Edgar the Persian (and not so bright)…best response. Came running to investigate and is now convinced that Mama has kindly hidden some wonderful birdy/mouse/toy inside the funny black box she plays with.

  3. Valderbar said

    Interesting. 🙂

    I bet my cold colleague Miss Zhou would have been the same. She never did figure out the nox. The storm/music recording always made her closet even under the bluest of skies.

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