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space considerations

I like the smaller rooms of the house, like the room between the springy-chair and the wall, the sitting area behind the desk, the low-ceiling under the step. As I was sunning myself there were camera movements. I’ll scan their computer later to see if I can show you the shots.

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drowsy is not for the birds

I am not asleep.
One eye is shut.
That does not
make me —


see, totally 100% aaawake.

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ruuuuuuuuun a cat

Yes, seems like the right time to brrrrrrrrrp about. I am the embodiment of dexterity and speed. To the top of the counter, to the base of teh wall, zip, zip and collide not at all. Turn tight corners and race behind the dresser, feel the narrow confines and run backwards, no pressure. Over the step and under the bed and out the other end. Merrily derry-do until I need to flop snoring on the bed.

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food choices

Thanks for all your Christmas greetings guys.

There is still left over turkey here. And can you believe it. They passed over most of it again and ate more poison called chocolate instead. They are hard to understand.

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In came two humans I’ve never seen plus a human kit. Naturally I dove for under the bed. The nail clipper people are coming in hordes now? I did put up quite a fight on the last visit. Maybe they would try to overpower me en masse. Then a worse thought occurred — they’ve come for the bird! Just when I thought we were going to have this turkey all to ourselves too. Oh well, it is big enough to let them have a little.

The human kit crawls on all fours but has none of the grace or dexterity of a cat. While we were under the table she seemed amused by me, then lost interest. Can’t say I felt much different myself.

My long anticipated, mouth watering turkey came to pass into my digestive tract. I got 5 pieces. I expect more tomorrow naturally. There was still a lot of meat on that carcass when the kit and strangers were packed up and off again.

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Is it just here or have you been being driven mad for hours by the smell of fowl? They served me this can stuff but after hours of turkey roasting, how could I not turn up my nose. Even uncooked, pull me off a wee bit?

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good job people

I have been wondering why thye get to play with boxes and paper without me. I came and sat on the lap of the jane. She was pulling transparent things and handing them to the tom. Unfortunately as I was wriggling around I backed up and I got my bare patched attached to the desk. Ouchie. I think I’d do better in a more remote supervisory role.

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