favorite meme

I got this meme via Beau

Favorite place to sleep? What kind of sleep? Dozy sleep, squeezed in between the two on the couch. Deep sleep requires my chair. Light nap mid-floor of the couch room

Favorite music? deep male voices

Favorite toy? cat treats thrown and deflected off walls and windows to pounce

Favorite flavor of Stinky Goodness? Whatever is newest. I like to switch randomly between seasfood and poultry just to keep things interesting for the humans. Environmental enrichment helps stimulate their intelligence you know.

Favorite human? I couldn’t choose between the top two.

Favorite game? Pillow pounce-bounce by moonlight.

Favorite window? The one in the corner with views in both directions.

Favorite naughty thing to do? sneaking food off the counter.


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  1. Lucy Stern said

    How about favorite dog to hiss at?

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