she gets like this every year

Hey, can’t a cat sleep around here without all this licking and scratching?

What’s with all the paper grooming? How many more papers are you going to lick anyway?

I tell you what. I’ll show you something else you can do with that pen. See, nice gum stimulator for me, see?



  1. Beanhead said

    Hi here via Michele’s

  2. Prego said

    If you were a good cat, you’d mail them for me!

    Here via Michele’s today.

  3. Plain Jane said

    Awww… *scritch*scritch* Cute kitty. 🙂

    Here from Michele’s – just LOVE the perspective here!

  4. Beau said

    Have you considered the possibility of assisting the tall ones so that they might get done quicker and allow you some peace?

  5. Valderbar said

    Huh, good point Beau. I surely can’t mail them but licking is one of my specialties. I’ll have to lend a tongue next year.

  6. Valderbar said

    Glad to meet you Plain Jane. Come back often.

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