a long poem called the big gift

The Big Gift

The room was all murky
no human yet home
but my eyes could make out
on my circuitous roam
an unguarded jacket –
I could make a nest
spend a peaceful hour
in tail o’er nose deep rest.

I mounted the table,
performed such a leap
that I impressed myself,
and with no one to see.

I was lying all curled
in a form sweetly supine
The wind it was howling
with a voice so canine
when what should take ears
for a super long stretch
but a great rukus of tom
with grunt, curse and kvetch.

the door burst open
and in his arms laid a tree,
smelling of pine gum, fresh air,
squirrels, chickadees… for me?!

I forgot my cozy corner
forgave how it was cooled
sniffing, looking as I pranced
(sidestepping the ex-snow pools)
The humans looked tired,
all wet in their mitts and coats
I was glad to have them home
for some mutual dotes.


1 Comment »

  1. Courtney said

    Meowy Christmas Valdermar.
    Michele sent me.

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