In came two humans I’ve never seen plus a human kit. Naturally I dove for under the bed. The nail clipper people are coming in hordes now? I did put up quite a fight on the last visit. Maybe they would try to overpower me en masse. Then a worse thought occurred — they’ve come for the bird! Just when I thought we were going to have this turkey all to ourselves too. Oh well, it is big enough to let them have a little.

The human kit crawls on all fours but has none of the grace or dexterity of a cat. While we were under the table she seemed amused by me, then lost interest. Can’t say I felt much different myself.

My long anticipated, mouth watering turkey came to pass into my digestive tract. I got 5 pieces. I expect more tomorrow naturally. There was still a lot of meat on that carcass when the kit and strangers were packed up and off again.


  1. Oooh! Watch out for the nail clipper people! at least they are bringing you treats! Hope you are having a Merry Christmas! Michele sent me!

  2. Beau said

    Glad you were able to get your share of the turkey! And glad that the nail clippers didn’t attack! Merry Christmas Valderbar!

  3. charlie said

    Mama says Pandora hates yuman kits. I don’t know any, but Mama says I am going to meet three in a couple of days! :-O
    Any advice?

    Mama sent me here from Michele’s!

    Happy Chrissymuss

  4. Valderbar said

    Know where your tail is at all times. Some run for tail pulling while tall ones aren’t watching.

    Choose your smallest and tallest hiding spot because the little ones can get into your low and medium sized security enclaves.

    Good luck.

  5. Sanjee said

    Not seeing the nail clippers is a good Christmas present! And turkey too!
    Merry Christmas Valdebar and family 🙂
    Sanjee and Sanjee’s Mom and Mini and Boni too

  6. Joe said

    Ya gotta be careful around those nail clipper people!

    Here via Michele.

  7. Plain Jane said

    Clipper people are considered the “Dog Broomer” around here. *snicker*

  8. Meow…
    We just put a link up to your site too! Thanks for linking to us. Hope you had a wonderful day!

  9. Diva Kitty said

    Hoppy Holidays from Diva Kitty, Fiona, Orlando and DKM

  10. Buon Natale from Italy!
    Opus and Roscoe

  11. Kelly Cat said

    Who can figure those human kittens? They’re hardly worthy of the name “kitten,” they’re so… so un-catly.

    Five pieces of turkey sounds like a good appetizer. Bon appetit! and Merry Christmas too…

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