space considerations

I like the smaller rooms of the house, like the room between the springy-chair and the wall, the sitting area behind the desk, the low-ceiling under the step. As I was sunning myself there were camera movements. I’ll scan their computer later to see if I can show you the shots.


  1. Plain Jane said

    Keeping my finger’s crossed to see them!

  2. I like hidey holes. I have lots of them and Mittens better not try to use them either!! My favorite is under the little table with the blanket on it. I go under there and then go into attack mode at whoever walks past.

  3. Beau said

    Looking forward to the pictures. My favorite space is the triangular area hidden behind my climbing tower located in a corner.

  4. Ally said

    Happy 2006!!

  5. Puff said

    Hi Valderbar, Happy Holidays! I’m glad to see you got some bird. Turkey and chicken are some of my favorite snackies.

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