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night patrol reporting

You’ll be glad to know that home is secure. I am still on duty. I am alert and call the all clear, bi-hourly.

What’s with the pillow thrown my way?

You sweet souls. You think I should rest from duties?

No, sweet creatures. Never mind my comfort. I will not sleep on night watch.

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grooming tip

Cleaning onesellf is important but the old tongue needs a rest doesn’t it. Try this tip. Pull your behind on the floor by walking with your front legs only. That should get the worst of it off so you don’t have to lick. bonus tip. Don’t do this when humans are around. They don’t seem to apprecaite the efficiency.

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5 birds

A flush of pigeons came so close to the window that I could nearly hear the wind between their flight feathers. Not a leap away were they, but unfortunately, the glass, the glass, and so they passed.

Yes, that’s about all that’s happened today.

Apart from the pair of strangers and whole delivery of empty boxes thing. Something for me to play in.

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sneeze it away

If your son would ask you for bread, would you give him a snake?

And yet when your noble partner cat stands at the food dispensing counter, you lower her a banana?


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scan the book shelf

Do you see any spines of interest?

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heat seeking miss

The mounds at midnight look warmer than my chair. I pretend to be a blanket
and drape myself over her still hip.

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I dreampt of a cold wind ruffling
my hair as I walked the street
my long nails clicking the stars
of sidewalks. I spotted a pigeon
He looked twice the size of his
brothers, he and others gathered
on the grate of a tower’s heating vent
They cupped their feathers, let heat
get at their skin. I leapt and bit air
and he and the others only hopped
cooed “oh sister, silly sister”

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