turned out to be a sound idea

The tom was working on his computer. I decided to sneak up on him circuitously. I hopped up on chair and put my front feet up on a desk but do yuo know, it spoiled the game. It made a sound. I tested again with my front right foot. It made a softer sound the softer I touched it. I gingerly got up and walked across it, making my way to tom who was now changing colors, laughing.

Do you have a funny table like this?



  1. Carmi said

    Musical cat. Who woulda thunk it? Keep on tickling those ivories. Michele would be proud!

  2. Beau said

    My Grandpa and Momma S. have one, but mom and I don’t. I have not yet been allowed to walk on the elder humans table like that. I should inquire as to when I might be able to. It sounds fun and interesting!

  3. Max said

    We used to…but then the People decided I was having way too much fun and the gave it away.

  4. No table like that around here. I asked mom to get us one but she said that there’s no point since she can’t really play. I don’t really care is she can play on it – I want to do the playing!


  5. Yes, mom had one when she was little. Her mom made her do something called practice….I never practice anything, when I do something I am good at it and need no practice……any questions???

  6. Timmy said

    Oh we have one like that!! I reach up and put my paw on the white part and it makes music! Momma doesn’t like it when I do it while she’s playing though…selfish Momma.

  7. Plain Jane said

    I have a “table” like that, but it’s a bit different and it’s at my grandmother’s house.

    I would like to have it back one day, but it will be a sad day when it is given to me.

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