listen won’t you?

They don’t get me. I’m not being unclear here. How can they forget the routine? I walk circles trying to spell it out in their own language, voweling around their legs and still they can’t read the writing on the floor. *sigh*

Sparkle’s advice for January gives me some comfort. I jsut can’t seem to get myself across. Knowing I’m not along in my frustration helps. See, Sparkles explains,

Dear Mad Meower,
I completely understand your frustration. And to be honest, I doubt I have a solution that will satisfy you. You see, humans are not that bright when it comes to learning other languages. There are hundreds of different human languages in existence and most people only speak one. And from what I gather, even those who speak the same language often have a hard time understanding each other. So you probably can’t expect your human to spend a lot of time and effort trying to learn Cat. The stupid thing is that Cat is fairly easy to speak – one just needs to learn a limited amount of vowels, be observant and use some body language. It’s really much easier to learn than most human languages.


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  1. Beau said

    That is so very true! I’m sorry for your frustation. I truly feel your pain. =sigh=

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