something moved me

She looked so alone, the tom away for the evening. The jane has been sitting still a long time reading more of her papery internet. Her feet are white as cooling eggs. Perhaps owing to my dream where I leapt after the seagull and pursued her with my own wings, I settled down around the white nest of toes, warming them with my own stomach.



  1. Plain Jane said


  2. Terry said

    Nice dream! I would like to have wings. There should be flying cats! Yes! — Muddy,

  3. Wm. said

    How sweet!

  4. Oreo said

    You’re such a sweetie! I would never lay on my Mom’s feet.

  5. Sanjee said

    Aw that’s nice. I like to sleep on Mommy’s feet. Sometimes Grandma’s too.

  6. i didn’t know we had a poet amongst us….

  7. Beau said

    Beautiful sentiment! I’m sure she appreciated the comfort of your warmth.

  8. That was sweet – what a nice kitty.

  9. Kelly Cat said

    It was very considerate of you to warm her feet. I hope she rewarded you for your kind deed.

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