a pic of My Cupboard

These are mine, all mine.



  1. Oreo said

    How about if I come over & you can share with me???

  2. Is that stinky goodness in the cans? We’ve never had any so we want to come over and try it. Pretty pleaaassseee?


  3. You have a well stocked cupboard. Our Mom stocks ours pretty good too; plenty of Stinky Goodness, but she is stingy with it. I say, if you have a whole cupboard full, why be selfish?

  4. Terry said

    Woweeee! You have BEST cupboard. I want one JUST LIKE IT! — Muddy, BloggingCat.com

  5. Derby said

    Ohhh, mine isn’t quite that good. But it does have lots of treats on it. Plus mine has a few extra toys in reserve.

  6. amanda said

    LOL…this looks just like my drawer.

    –Makoa and Amanda

    Michele sent us.

  7. Carmi said

    Happiness is a full pantry. You are one lucky feline. Such choice!

  8. Suzanne said

    looks like mine! Michele sent me and the rockman over to check out the pantry.

  9. Kimberly said

    Oh, Valderbar, I cannot show your cupboard to Sasha, Sergei and Lyra. They would be sooooo envious! Although they are quite particular about which brand of stinky goodness that they’ll eat…

    Here from Michele’s.

  10. Lisa said

    that all looks very stinky, which probably means you’re in cat heaven.

    Here from Michele’s!

  11. Good stuff Valdebar! Party at your place!!!!

  12. Diva Kitty said

    I see Wellness stinky goodness – my fav!

  13. Wm. said


  14. Max said

    Oh man, you got Stinky Goodness!
    When’s dinner?
    We are all invited…right???

  15. If we’re all coming over for dinner, you’re sure going to need more than 1 dish!

  16. I recommend that Valdebar host the first meeting of Feline International Tub Hockey Federation. It appears the catering has already been taken care of

  17. Beau said

    OH MY GOSH! I am so coming over to your place! Mom doesn’t have near that much. When’s dinner? I AM invited…riiiight?

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