morning toileting surprise.

When I eneter my toilet, I never know what I’ll find. I don’t mean cleaning, this time.

Sometimes it’s sand. For a while it was clay clumps. It was a perfumed dust then some sort of grass product. Lately it’s been a heavy work-out sharp clay and then this morning, I blinked and stared.

White. Radiating too much warmth and dryness to be snow. it’s all white silica. Big chrystals of it. If I knock a clean piece out first, makes a good toy too.



  1. Wm. said

    I often wonder how our humans would like it if we periodically changed the composition of their toilets?

  2. Hmmm – sounds like your servant may have had some coupons to use on different litters. Or maybe he just wants to see which one you like best?

  3. Sounds like Crews Views know of what they speak…..yes….coupons…..when Mom gets coupons we get all sorts of crunchies and stinky goodness! Some good, some not!

  4. Derby said

    Yes, mum has a new litter for me to try too. The one we have she says is too dusty.

    But the “official” cat sites say don’t change litter types once you start. Otherwise you risk accidents. That doesn’t seem to be an issue here.

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