link out for citrus?

Cat in helmet; Do not let the tall ones try this at home. Be extra cautious of any citrus peeling spray.



  1. Kelly Cat said

    Innate dignity keeps the cat from looking as silly as the orange hat.

  2. Beau said

    I am so glad you warned me. Mom bought home some orange things the other day. Even though they look too small for me, I think I will disappear when she has them out…and please kill me if she makes me wear one of those.

  3. Wm. said

    I thought cats were supposed to hate citrus anyway. Except Caroline, who likes grapefruit.

  4. Anonymous said

    Whoa – that was one of the weirdest things we’ve seen in a while . . .
    Buzzerbee & meep

  5. It’s very disturbing that the poor cat should be subjected to such indignities and then photographed in various poses. Where is our sense of feline pride, my fellow cat bloggers? I, of course, would never allow this to be done to me or my brother or sister.

    The Crew

  6. Max said


  7. Lyn said

    We loved this too!

    No orange kitty helmuts here…just head rubs!

    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South


  8. Kitties should only wear jeweled headwear! Citrus is soooo plebian.

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