scan the book shelf

Do you see any spines of interest?


  1. surcie said

    Oh, the kitty cuteness! Michele sent me tonight.

  2. Joe said

    Too funny.

    Here via Michele.

  3. Oreo said

    HEHEHE, Yeah, can I check out the fuzzy book on the right…er, left….er, the ONLY fuzzy one!

  4. Ally said

    What a doll!!!

  5. Anonymous said

    We see you there – very clever!
    Buzzerbee & meep

  6. Max said

    What better place to spy on People from? Coolness!

  7. Better watch that right shelf! Aren’t Cats great?

  8. Athena said

    Here’s my pinion on this. Cats are fuzzy and can cuddle. They can catches bugs and mouseys. So why does mama keep bringing those books into our house and no other kitties?

  9. Nice observation post you have there valdebar!

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