5 birds

A flush of pigeons came so close to the window that I could nearly hear the wind between their flight feathers. Not a leap away were they, but unfortunately, the glass, the glass, and so they passed.

Yes, that’s about all that’s happened today.

Apart from the pair of strangers and whole delivery of empty boxes thing. Something for me to play in.


  1. well, empty boxes are certainly worth receivin’. i always say the packin’ is usually better than the gift.

  2. Added you to the blogroll!

  3. Carolyn said

    My dogs sent me over to check you out. They are afraid of cats ever since that hostage incident… but you seem nice!

    Saw you at Michael Mannings site and thought I’d say hi 🙂

  4. Valderbar said

    Hostage incident? I swear I had no part.

    Still I’m curious and will go see if your palce says more.

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