grooming tip

Cleaning onesellf is important but the old tongue needs a rest doesn’t it. Try this tip. Pull your behind on the floor by walking with your front legs only. That should get the worst of it off so you don’t have to lick. bonus tip. Don’t do this when humans are around. They don’t seem to apprecaite the efficiency.


  1. Kelly Cat said

    I do that, too! I especially like berber carpet — must be the extra texture that makes it feel good. (but no, my humans don’t seem to understand, either)

  2. that’s a good tip – we love it when grampa norton does this, and then mommy comes home and cannot figure out where the smell is coming from.

  3. Athena's mama said

    This post has been censored for all baby girls named Athena. Athena! Get away from the computer!

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